RBT: Engraved Dog Id Tags (Q&A)

Engraved dog id tags are the new pet lovers craze!

They’re come in all shapes and sizes and are extremely hip in the market today.

Dog Id Tags engraved now days are more for safety then they are style but it’s great that
the right dog tag can offer both!

The “ID” part of the dog tag will help to locate your pet should they disappear.

The “Bling” part of the dog tag is to match with your pets style and personality.

In some places around the world getting your dog id tags engraved is mandatory law….

Just look at how advanced dog tags are in America here…

In the UK, though it is not upheld by law…. It is HIGHLY recommended!
But where do you begin?

Well we’ve found a small little online retailer who offer a service so good… we decided to
blog about it!

Click here to visit the official 4Paws id tags outlet; “Dog Tags For Pets”, on Google + Today
The dog id tags on offer here are done professionally are much nicer than anything else we’ve
come across online….

And to get your dog id tag engraved, simply message the vendor after making your order and
they will take care of it… completely free!


The link above allows you to access their FREE + SHIPPING offer that is currently up and running.

This means you get;

A FREE Dog Id Tag,

With FREE engraving

And all you have to do is cover the cost of shipping and tell them where to send it….

AND remember to message the vendor afterwards with information you wish to be engraved on
your dog tag.

We recommend 3 lines including your pets name, a contact number and an address.

Something like these examples would be fine:

dog id tags engraved

And that’s it…..

Take advantage of the offer and we wish you and your pet a great day.. :)