Cheap pet id tags vs Microchips | RBT VOTE

Would you prefer your bull terrier to have cheap pet id tags or be micro-chipped?

As pet owners we need to keep our pets safe! But do you use pet id or microchips?

Wether you adopt a pet like these people here:

Or have your own pet at home – the only way to guarantee their safety is with pet id from a reputable retailer!

Knowing this, we decided to cast a public vote using the RBT network to find out how many pet owners actually have id for their pets and how exactly they went about doing it and the results were… Surprising!

RBT Pet Id

The results…

Over 80% of users opted to wear cheap pet id tags over being chipped and personally, we’d choose the same.

Being chipped is not nice for any animal and at RBT we strongly recommend buying a cheap custom pet id tags for your cats or dogs instead.

But where do you start?

After all your looking for ID tags for pets not the pet shop boys right?

So start by listening to reviews on Youtube before deciding to buy.

Click the play button below for our favourite review:

Or you could use a trustworthy merchant that also carried the RBT stamp of approval!

Whatever you decide to do moving forward make sure to choose cheap id tags that can be customised for your pet. Our partners on facebook offer free engraving on their entire collection.

Also for a limited time every id tag found on the homepage is totally free. Meaning to claim your own pet tag with custom id for as cheap as chips – click the hyperlinks in this post to be redirected to the retailers site.

Make the smart choice today and reap the rewards for the rest of your pets life.

You can thank us later ;)